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    'Man kan flygte fra et børnehjem, fra et fængsel, fra sit land og sit liv …

    … men ikke fra sig selv.'

    Graphic Novel, Gyldendal

    103 pages, 2022

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    "You can't fight your way

    out of trauma."

    Bachelor project,

    52 pages, 2019

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    Eisner-nominated -

    Best Comedy

    Get Naked, written

    by Steve Seagle.

    Image Comics, 2017

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    A webcomic about body horror, witchcraft, and a lonely necromancer.

    Webcomic, 2016-2017

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    First year exam at The Animation Workshop, 5 pages, 2016

  • Storyboard

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    Work for the BAFTA-nominated student film "Troll". I worked on this as both a storyboard artist and a story consultant. Animated short film.


    View part of the storyboard here

    Watch the short here

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    AE Demo

    Storyboarding for the opening sequence of a Canadian movie. Live Action.


    View the entire storyboard here

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    Old Agnes

    Work done in collaboration with a director from the National Film school of Denmark. Animated feature.


    View the entire storyboard here

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    Girl and the Wolf

    A post-apocalyptic take on Little Red Riding Hood. Storyboards for when Little Red Ridding Hood meets The Wolf in the wastelands.


    View the entire storyboard here

  • About me

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    Norwegian artist with a BA in Graphic Storytelling from The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark.


    My bachelor gives me a strong foundation in comics and visual clarity in storytelling. I can offer a lot of skills, from preproduction art to storyboarding, writing and world building.


    Projects I've worked on have been nominated for a BAFTA, as well as an Eisner award.


    View my RESUME.

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    mail: ingvildmariem@gmail.com